Our range of filter assemblies performs suction, pressure and return applications, providing an effective solution for meeting the contamination control requirements of hydraulic systems.

Our technicians work alongside customers to develop tailored solutions that will meet their unique requirements.

The performance of our assemblies is validated by vigorous laboratory tests performed according to the most recent ISO specifications.




Todays movement of goods and bulk materials demand state of the art methods.
The Rumeca Group, with headquarters in Almè is an International leader in the production of components and equipment for all types of conveyors, providing a service based on a specialised technical competence accumulated over 50 years of experience.

The Rulmeca range for belt conveyors in bulk handling comprises:

  • Steel rollers and thermoplastic rollers, with rubber rings for impact and return stations
  • Transoms and garland sets for carrying, return and self-aligning stations
  • Drive and idler pulleys for various applications, with clamping units
  • Accessories: Belt cleaners, belt covers and impact bars.

Rulmeca production programme of stations is according to the Unified Standards DIN 22107.
On request they can be supplied in different shapes and dimensions according to the standards CEMA, BS, JIS, AFNOR, SANS and ISO-FEM.


Rollers, very often, represent a high investment in the overall requirements of the project design of a belt conveyor installation.

The choice of high quality rollers that guarantee an adequate working life with the result that equipment may function without the business of the plant being interrupted.

It has been well proven that considering the overall economies in today’s modern conveyors, their life and efficiency depends to a great deal on the choice of quality rollers, accurately manufactured using highly selected materials.

Of particular importance in the search for efficiency is the sealing system that protects the roller bearings.

Rulmeca, keenly aware of this requirement, has subjected and examined their design of manufactured rollers to severe laboratory tests.

Numerous examples of plant and equipment used in material handling, all over the world, operating in the most severe environmental conditions, have used Rulmeca rollers of various types for many years.

Rollers produced by Rulmeca are manufactured according to all known national and international standards: ISO, UNI, DIN, AFNOR, FEM, BS, JIS, SANS and CEMA.


In a belt conveyor one may identify two types of troughing sets: the upper carrying sets, that have the function to support the loaded sections of the belt and to move the material; and the lower sets that support the unloaded belt on its return section.

The upper troughing sets may basically be in two arrangements: flat, with a single horizontal roller generally supported by two fixed brackets from the conveyor structure; troughed, generally with 3 rollers supported within a frame which is itself fixed to the conveyor structure.

There may be then, in the loaded sections, impact troughing sets that have rollers with rubber rings or suspended “garland” sets.


For 50 years Rulmeca has designed and manufactured pulleys, using materials of the highest quality in a production process employing advanced technology. This together with the application of the Quality Assurance system certified to ISO 9001:2008, contributes to the production of high quality products offering dependable, long life performance in the field and appreciably reducing maintenance costs. Rulmeca pulleys have been developed using a high degree of security in the dimensioning of the flanges, in the sizing and penetration of the welding and in the assembly between the shell, flange and hub.
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